Warning Signs That Your Window Frames Are Rotting

Warning Signs That Your Window Frames Are Rotting

Unlike many issues you might face in the home, rotten wood might not be immediately obvious. If a leak is sprung in our home or the electrics fail, we all know it’s time for action. However, while you’re not looking, a more serious problem could be developing. If moisture is making its way into your window frames they could be in serious danger of rotting. Moisture trapped in wood makes a perfect environment for fungi to develop, which in turn causes the wood’s fibres to deteriorate. This, in turn, leads to wood rot. 

How to Spot Rotten Wood In Your Window Frames

If left untreated long enough, wood rot can completely destroy wooden structures. Even in less severe cases, wood rot could mean you need to either replace your windows or at the very least repaint. So catching the problem early on, and if possible preventing it in the first instance, could save you a lot of time, hassle and money. We talked to the rotten window experts at Universal Tradesman to find out some of the telltale signs that your window frames are rotting. They also gave us some tips for how to prevent wood rot developing in the future.

You Can Feel A Draft Or Hear Excess Noise From Outside

If you can feel a draft or you notice a lot of external noise, this could be a sign that the wood in your frames is rotten. Both issues would be caused bu air moving through the frame, which is a sure sign that your wood is rotten. 

The Paint Is Peeling

When wood is moist it expands, and when it dries it contracts. This change in shape causes the paint to peel, giving you a clue that your window frames may need attention. 

The Window Is Hard To OperateA rotten window frame

This same process of swelling and contraction can over time distort the shape of the wood. If your windows are hard to operate, or won’t open or shut properly, you could have an issue. 

Your Window Frames Are Discoloured Or Soft

If you notice a patch on your window frame that is discoloured or see holes or spots on the frame, then this could be a sign of rot. Poke it with a knife or pen. If the wood feels spongy and soft, it’s time to call someone out as your wood is likely rotten. 

Mildew On Your Windows

Windows will accumulate condensation, but it should accumulate on the inside of your windows only. If your windows accumulate a lot of condensation, it can lead to rotting of the surrounding wood. It may be necessary to prevent condensation with a dehumidifier, a fan, or proper ventilation. 

Bad Guttering

Not so much a warning sign, but if you have an external leak which is causing water to flow over your window, it is imperative to fix this in order that your window frame doesn’t become damp and eventually rotten. 

By looking for these simple signs you can easily identify and potential areas of concern and address them hopefully before rot develops. If you think you have a problem, give us a call today and we’re sure we’ll be able to help.

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